Why Us

Collaboration. Expertise. Service.

Choosing the right financial adviser is a crucial decision—the most important step in your financial journey.

At Link, our six-step process ensures that prospective clients are looked after and provided with all the information necessary to make informed decisions. We do everything we can to provide you with the information needed to comfortably make the right choices which align with your goals.

Data Collection

We meet to understand your financial and life goals and how you envision your long term future.

Scope of Advice

We provide an outline based on what we understand and how we envision supporting you. This establishes the foundation for the next steps and starting your journey with us.


At this point, we begin our research; the more information and insight we have, the better we can personalise our guidance and advice to your goals.


Once we’ve gathered the necessary information, we prepare a comprehensive document or “road map” and review this with you so you fully understand our recommendations.


Better finances start here. Once we are in agreement, we put the wheels in motion and execute our recommendations.


Our service level provides consistent high-quality planning and strategic direction, not "set and forget." Dreams and objectives change, and journeys change with them. Because we understand this, we arrange regular meetings to connect, review, and re-evaluate your road map so that it remains aligned with your destination.

Link Financial Services is built on a foundation of superior personalised client service that fosters lasting relationships. Founder Benjamin Kohn has maintained a high reputation, drawing upon a depth of experience and involvement in the financial planning profession.

We take great pride in the relationships we have with our clients, who include self-funded retirees, self-employed professionals, wealth creators and high net worth individuals, as well as professionals seeking advisory help in creating and accumulating wealth according to their personal and financial goals. We offer services to individual investors, businesses and accountants, and specialise in strategic advice for self-managed superannuation funds.

Why Choose Link Financial Services?

  • Because better finances start here
  • $1 Billion+ in funds under advice
  • Tailored solutions in all facets of financial planning for clients who expect excellence
  • Highly trained staff, dedicated, and with a wealth of experience
  • We have the insight, skill and ability to analyse trends and respond with solid and innovative solutions in a timely and accurate manner
  • We will only recommend an investment if it suits your individual need, objectives and circumstances
  • Regular portfolio review and offer advice that really adds up

Collaboration With Your Trusted Advisers

At Link Financial Services, we are accustomed to collaborating with clients’ accountants, lawyers, and other representatives, working together towards the best outcomes for you.