Risk Insurance Advice

We believe risk insurance plays a key part in any Statement of Advice. Effective planning requires you to keep contingencies in mind, and to be equipped to deal with life’s unforseen events. Insurance is effectively a means of transferring risk from an individual to an insurer. Having the appropriate insurance in place provides confidence and peace of mind because of the protection it affords.

Our comprehensive software packages allow us to analyse a vast range of insurance options for clients. This software combined with a detailed analysis of your personal situation will enable us to determine the most appropriate insurance requirements to meet your personal circumstances.

Link Financial Services provides comprehensive advice in the following areas:


  • Life Insurance;
  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance;
  • Trauma Insurance;
  • Income Protection Insurance;


  • Revenue Protection (Key Person);
  • Ownership Protection (Buy and Sell Insurance);
  • Asset Protection (Key Person);
  • Business Overhead Insurance;