Our Approach

Link Financial Services will undertake a six step process in ensuring that a prospective client of Link Financial Services will have their needs looked after and make an educated and well informed decision.

Your Initial Consultation

During your first meeting Link Financial Services will ask you to provide relevant details of your financial situation.

Define Your Goals

Link Financial Services will then assist you in establishing and prioritising your financial goals. This discussion will form the basis of your financial plan.

Identifying Issues

The financial plan will explain the issues you may face and the strategies that Link Financial Services has recommended to help you achieve your financial goals.

The plan addresses the financial and lifestyle goals and objectives that you have identified at the initial interview. It takes full account of your situation and circumstances and allows for factors such as legislation, taxation and social security.

Asset Allocation Recommendation

The plan will also recommend the types of investments and insurances that will enable you to have the best chance of achieving your stated goals and objectives.

Link Financial Services will discuss the reasons for the recommendations and how they relate to your objectives. Link Financial Services will also answer any questions you may have and, if needed, modify your plan so that it meets your personal requirements.

Implementation of Your Plan

Once you have agreed and are comfortable with the plan, Link Financial Services will ensure that the recommendations are implemented.

This will include assisting you with filling out the appropriate paperwork, then following up on fund managers and insurers and the recording of initial unit prices from any investments and ensuring that any outstanding requirements are satisfied.

Regular Reviews

Link Financial Services will review the performance of your investments and report to you on their progress depending on your individual requirements. In addition, Link Financial Services will regularly review the portfolio to ensure that it continues to meets your personal and financial requirements. Reviews can be arranged quarterly, half yearly or annually – the choice is yours.

Should there be any significant changes to your circumstances, the economy, legislation or products, Link Financial Services will assist you to make the appropriate alterations to your portfolio to ensure that it continues to remain relevant to your situation.